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Steel Valley Hemp

Superwoman Delta 8 Hemp Flower

Superwoman Delta 8 Hemp Flower

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Our Delta-8 Superwoman hemp flower only has two ingredients - 93% pure Delta-8 distillate and our best indoor hemp buds. Unlike the other guys, we use no sprays, thinning agents, ethanol, or terpenes to coat our flowers.

The specs:

  • Harvested 1/15/21
  • Machine trimmed with a hand trim finish
  • Bud size - mostly medium with some smalls and larges
  • 6+ week cure leads to very dense, aromatic buds
  • 14.4% CBDA
  • 8.7% D8 THC
  • .13% THCA
  • 1.3% Terpenes, with Myrcene and Caryophyllene being the most prominent. Produces a more mellow effect.

This amazing flower is indoor grown and we have full COAs available on our website for both our flower and the D8 distillate we use, as well as a QR code on every item that links to the COA.

Product sizes - 1.2 Gram Preroll - 1/8th OZ (3.5grams) - 1/4 OZ (7grams) - 1/2 OZ (14grams) 1 oz (28.3grams)

Note from grower: These buds became a bit more seedy than we'd like due to having a relatively new strain grown from seed, a few plants went hermaphroditic and pollinated a portion of the harvest. A majority of buds will have fewer than 1 seed per gram, some have none at all, and very few have more (we picked out as many of these as we could find, but some are bound to get through). The taste and effects are still great indoor quality.

Currently not shipping to AlaskaArizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Kentucky, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island and Utah. Please check your state laws regarding Delta-8 before your purchase.

No shipments to New York due to hazy regulations.

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